• Daniel is pro-life and is the proud father of a newborn baby boy.  He will always stand up for the unborn and be the voice for those that cannot yet be heard.

Supports Public Education

  • Daniel is a product of our Montgomery school system and completed his education at the University of Alabama.  He wants his own child to attend Montgomery schools and is vested in making our schools the best in the state.  He understands the people of District 74 have invested so much in public education and we shouldn’t turn our backs on it now.
  • Daniel supports our teachers and believes they should be the highest paid public employees.
  • Our teachers deserve to have the proper resources, technology and equipment to teach our children and he will make sure that teachers have the support they need in the classroom.
  • Daniel does not support common core,but believes there is a need for a rigorous and comprehensive education curriculum.
  • Charter schools can be positive additions to communities but only if they are run correctly and do not become for-profit institutions.
  • Daniel believes that our schools should be run by our local school boards and they should have the decision-making power to do what is best for schools in their communities.
  • Early childhood education is the key to making sure children receive the best education and they do not fall through the cracks.  Daniel will support and expand Pre-K programs in our district and throughout the state.
Public Safety

Pro-Law Enforcement

  • Daniel believes law enforcement must be held to the highest standard but feels District 74  needs to stand with them as they carry out their duties in protecting our communities.
  • Our firefighters and law enforcement officers should have the equipment they need to protect our communities and Daniel will work them to secure funding to have the best state of the art equipment.
Workforce Development

Improved Training Programs

  • Daniel understands the need to support and emphasize skilled labor programs and training.  Skilled labor programs and training help business and education work together to better our communities.
  • Daniel realizes that not everyone wants to attend college and that’s why he supports dual workforce programs to make sure that ALL seniors are prepared for the workforce with the best opportunity to succeed.
  • Daniel will work with Governor Ivey to recruit and bring jobs to our state and District 74 including  supporting  Montgomery’s industrial parks.
Economic Development

New Jobs

  • Daniel believes in diversifying Alabama’s economic portfolio. District 74 needs more career opportunities not just minimum wage jobs.
  • We need to put an emphasis on recruiting high-paying, high-quality jobs to help build career opportunities.
  • Daniel is focused on recruiting businesses that improve quality of life for everyone.
  • We are blessed to have Maxwell Air Force Base and Gunter Annex in Montgomery.  But we must ensure we have the best schools, safe communities, parks, and recreation facilities so those employees want to live in our great city with their families.
  • Daniel will work with our local and federal leaders to make sure Maxwell Air Force Base and Gunter Annex are a top priority and have the support they need to sustain and expand.
Cutting Wasteful Spending

We Must Force The Government To Live Within Its Means.

  • Daniel understands we shouldn’t spend just because we have the money. Every taxpayer dollar should be justified each year.
    Good Stewards Of Taxpayer Dollars
  • If families in District 74 have to live on a budget, so should the state.
  • Raising taxes should never be an option on our hard-working families.
  • Daniel will cut the wasteful spending and demand accountability along with transparency in our state’s budget.
Illegal Immigration
  • Daniel stands with President Trump and supports building the wall to fight against and protect us from illegal immigration.
Gun Rights
Daniel believes in protecting our 2nd Amendment rights and in constitutional carry.